June 11, 2021

*Important notice to our valued clients.

Due to COVID-19 our office will remain open but we encourage booking appointments in lieu of drop in visits. 

If you are dropping documents off, please use our drop box located inside main building doors to your left or you may leave in the box to your right and notify us by calling the office or knocking on the door, we will collect immediately
If you are here to pick up, please call the office and arrange a time. In most cases, we can hand over your documents when you call.
If you are needing to speak with your accountant or anyone else in person, please call to book an appointment.
If you are needing to make a payment you can call the office for payment options.
Office: 403-362-0482 or you may use intercom inside main building doors.
Regular business hours;
Monday through Friday 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m., closed from 12:00pm to 1:00pm for the lunch hour.
Orion LLP is closed on all statutory holidays.


Here at Orion LLP we understand that during this time you may want to be cautious with your health and potential exposure to COVID-19.  We would like to ensure that you are aware that we have options available to you to ensure you can get your taxes done without coming into the office:  Here are some options:

Right Signature – this is a program that allows you to sign your tax documents from any smart phone device or computer.  All we need is your email address and we can send these documents directly to you through this process.

Email – if you do not have a scanner at your home, there are a number of scanning apps available, or you can simply take a picture of your slips, etc.  We also have a ShareFile program that provides encryption if you are concerned with the security of emailing documents.  You can access this by emailing any of the staff at Orion LLP and we will be able to send you a link.   We can also send you your copies of tax returns and correspondence using this electronic format. 

For the partners, email: Robin@orionllp.ca, Shelden@orionllp.ca, Bjornda@orionllp.ca or Keith@orionllp.ca.  If you are unsure, use admin@orionllp.ca.

Fax – our fax number is 403-362-6919.  If you would like us to fax you your copies or documents for signing, please just give us a call and provide us with your fax number. 

Good old fashioned mail – Our mailing address is 1A – 333 2nd Street West, Brooks, AB, T1R 1G4.  If you would like us to mail you your copies or forms for signing, again, please just give us a call at 403-362-0482.